BigCommerce is a strong e-commerce platform that is in a position to power numerous fast-growing brands in the world. Its product suite is comprised of powerful analytics, numerous third party integrations, beautiful themes, SEO tools and many other useful tools that allow entrepreneurs to setup their store and make higher sales. Learn more Magento

WordPress is now an all-round solution

Long are the days when WordPress was just the perfect choice for bloggers. It is now possible to build an expertly functional, beautiful and responsive website for your business. Therefore, if you already have a WordPress site and hoping to sell online, it is easy to add a plugin and begin making money. However, you will be required to ensure that the plugin is able to integrate with your current theme.

BigCommerce and WordPress

Because BigCommerce lacks an out of the box blogging feature and it is almost impossible to add one, you can only integrate BigCommerce with your blog by hosting it as a sub-domain. This is among the best online store designers that will free up your time so that you can pay attention to other more important issues in your business. The most important thing about BigCommerce is the fact that it is SEO-friendly.

Other important features include in-built marketing features, mobile friendly stores, perfect design options including Customizable HTML/CSS, point and click tools and themes, easy to use a domain name of your choice, in-built payment, and reports gateways and allows for integration with marketing, inventory management and accounting systems. View Magento theme

Although BigCommerce has a friendly layout and great features, it does not offer its users a free plan. Similarly, it lacks a cheap plan for entry level users. This is unlike Wix, which has a free plan. Additionally, Wix allows for easy and comfortable store setting up and performing various experiments. WordPress lovers might as well like Magento, which comes with a few plans to choose from. One can opt for the free downloadable software or go for the $18,000 per year plan.

Ease of use

When coming to the ease of use, BigCommerce is among the best and customers like it for its great user interface. It allows for easy addition of products, and you can edit and create new orders as well. Similarly, creating coupon codes and discounts is very easy. You are in a position to set your discounts so that they can apply to specific categories or an entire order.  However, it is not possible to create specific products’ discounts.


Running a blog alongside an e-commerce store is very advantageous because you will enjoy more sustained traffics through social media and search engines. Therefore, consider integrating WordPress and BigCommerce using the sub-domain technique.

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