Secure Socket Layer or the SSL is an essential component and feature in online stores, ecommerce platforms and any other platform that deals with data that is sensitive and confidential in nature. SSL provides the much-needed security by encrypting such information limiting any cases of fraudulent activities or unauthorized access. Magento and other online store builders are required to have the SSL but not all of them do. However, Magento has no SSL of its own but provides an alternative such that the platform can be configured to use SSL Certificates from other companies. Ecommerce business

Configuring SSL on Magento

Hosting your ecommerce platform on Magento, you are guaranteed a secure and fast hosting environment. The hosting provides support for all features present and allows you to configure the required settings to use your own SSL. To configure, follow these steps:

  • Sign into your Magento Account
  • On the Magento administration or control panel, select System
  • A drop down menu appears with several choices. Select Configuration
  • Another menu appears offering you different options. Select Web and expand the Secured option
      • Base URLs- this has to be changed to incorporate an s at the end of https before your domain name on the URL.
      • Frontend URLS- by securing these URLs, information security is guaranteed for every page if using Magento. If you sell online and require the clients to enter confidential details such as their credit card numbers, that information is secured and encrypted.
      • Admin URLs- change the selected option to Yes if you aim to secure this specific entry to the system using the SSL.
      • Backend URLS- to many, the backend does not have to be secured. However, in some cases, you might need to complete a transaction through the backend and securing it will save you the trouble that might occur if not.

Benefits of an SSL in Magento Platforms

  • It encrypts all data that goes through your platforms from selling online, to blogs, websites and online ecommerce stores.
  • It increases your stores credibility and clients trust in your increases making you their first stop if shopping or buying items online, searching for information and/or essential services.
  • You site becomes one of the most visited sites, improving your ranks on Google and increasing your potential to grow.


Magento is a major platform when it comes to creating online stores, websites, blogs etc, as it offers a range of services not provided by other platforms including Wix and WordPress. It also offers you the priveledge of selecting an SSL of your own, configuring it to the Magento settings and using it to ensure security of information on your site. This means that you can purchase your own private SSL and use it as you wish together with the platform developed using Magento.

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