The let go app has definitely changed once perception of a global marketplace. This is because it has introduced buying and selling of goods and services that are no longer in use to others in the same locality. It provides a fast way of disposing off items that are not important to you without struggling. People are used to organizing garage sales that are quite expensive, time consuming and offer little revenue. Let go app provides a better solution, better revenue and assured sales.

How it works

The first step is to install the app that can be installed on smartphones with the latest operating systems i.e. android 4.1 and above, iOS 8.0, iPhones, iPads and even iPod touch. Download the app from Google play or Apple Play and install it on your device. Create an account and start selling some of those items you has in your house. Select the items by taking a picture of the specific items upload them to the app together with the price range expected and post.

If interested in purchasing a specific item, select or click on it and information in regards to who is selling it, how much it is being sold and from where together with contacts of the seller are provided. This is the classic operations of how online stores operate only that they sell new products as compared to the app where most the products are second hand.

  • Product Categorization

The app allows you as the user to upload a specific item and enter its details. However, the app has an inbuilt artificial intelligent system that immediately identifies the product uploaded, automatically gives it a title and classifies it accordingly. The app functions similar to an online store that categorizes products allowing the clients to access them easily and simplifies your responsibilities. The specific online builders for ecommerce platforms such as WordPress, Magento and Wix enable these features.

  • Intuitive App

The app not only provides the products or items you need after your search, it also provides those that are near you or your general vicinity. If aiming at acquiring a more specific product, browse more specifically e.g. by indicating the make or brand or using the categories present on the app. If selling, create more sensitive adverts; using the let go Commercializer. This feature allows you to advertise the item you are selling online making it more appealing.


The Let go app is one of a kind and it’s use is slowly increasing in popularity. Soon, it might overtake other large online stores, shops and entities. Furthermore, you might find a product that is quite appealing and more price friendly than purchasing one in a shop or local store. Therefore, in regards to whether the let go app works, yes it does, seamlessly and efficiently. Try it and you won’t be disappointed. View top ecommerce platforms 

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